Milk Lady’s Kisses

Milk Chocolate has beneficial effects on memory and health. Its sweet taste makes it particularly ideal for the children.

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Milk: properties, benefits and curiosities



A new scientific research has revalued the benefits of milk chocolate. 

A good news for those who prefer it to dark chocolate, undoubtedly more bitter. In a nutshell, according to a research conducted by the University of Southern Australia, milk chocolate can improve the cognitive capabilities considerably. It should be included at least once in our weekly diet.


Milk chocolate brings benefit to the palate, but also to the neurons. The aforementioned research involved targeted tests on 968 volunteers. The cognitive tests revealed that those who consumed considerable amounts of milk chocolate had better working, verbal and visual memory. Therefore, milk chocolate enhances our brain functioning, slowing down the aging process.



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The final formula



Every Milk Chocolate Lady’s Kiss

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