Lady’s Kisses

the same recipe for over half a century

Baci di Dama: alta pasticceria artigianale
Lady’s Kisses: a captivating delight

Homemade Haute Pâtisserie

LADY’S KISSES are homemade fine pastries. Already known outside Italy, they boast unique fragrances and flavours. 


LADY’S KISSES do not contain preservatives. Nevertheless, the careful packaging ensures the fragrance is retained over time (life-long pastries), creating an explosion of delicious tastes.

Baci di Dama: ingredienti di alta qualità
Kisses and Nuggets: a winning couple!

Specialties from Tortona:  top ingredients only

LADY’S KISSES are a specialty from Tortona, which the “Pasticceria Casali” has been producing for over half a century following that original recipe, passed down over the years, and using only selected ingredients: top-quality almonds, top-quality butter, sugar, fine flour and chocolate.


LADY’S KISSES are ideal for a gift and can be enjoyed on any occasion and at any time of day. 

Baci di Dama: eccellenza artigiana
Lady’s Kisses: quality first

Excellence products beyond the Italian borders

Our LADY’S KISSES organoleptic and packaging qualities comply with the minimum standards to be classified as excellence (high-quality) products, both in Italy and abroad.


This delicious dessert has been featured multiple times in the most renowned Italian and foreign gourmet guides. 

Tortona and ...

Tortona Piemonte Italia Baci di Dama
Tortona: the town of Lady’s Kisses

... its jewel!

Baci di Dama: gioielli di bontà e sapore
Lady’s Kisses to admire and… enjoy

A specialty from Tortona since 1838

The Story of the Pasticceria Casali: yesterday and today...

Baci di Dama: prodotti di qualità
Pasticceria Casali yesterday…
Baci di Dama: tradizione e innovazione
Pasticceria Casali today…

As stated in the deed of purchase, the premises were bought in 1938 in the name of Charles Albert, then King of Sardinia. Following an apprenticeship lasted for almost forty years, Mr and Mrs Rolando decided to start their own business, taking over the management of the CASALI bakery. Thanks to the help of their kids, they were able to produce a wide range of traditional pastries, including the famous “CASALI” Lady’s Kisses, highly demanded, both in Italy and abroad.